what is enginei?

Utilising the very best in sensor technology

enginei is a comprehensive energy management solution for marine and land based applications incorporating fuel management, tank monitoring, emissions monitoring, performance optimisation, energy management and a sophisticated reporting tool.

enginei provides valuable insight to both ships crew and onshore operational staff through accurate logging of data from sensors, utilisation of advanced algorithms, environmental conditions and voyage data all of which are recorded and visually represented through a touchscreen computer and online dashboard. The system includes local data storage; in the event communication is lost, data is transferred once communication is restored.

engineis designed for ship owners, operators and charterers and provides the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive fuel management to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Real time data on-board and onshore
  • Fleet overview
  • Speed optimisation
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Configurable alarms
  • Meet IOC/Charterer requirements
  • SEEMP and MRV reporting
  • Data integrity and secure back-up
  • Energy Management
  • Project management from point of sale to installation
  • Remote service capability
  • Worldwide support