Performance Optimisation

enginei offers a range of performance optimisation features to improve your vessel operational efficiency, developed in collaboration with our team of data analysts, mechanical engineers and academic partners.

  • Reduces costs through operational improvements
  • Optimises vessel operations
  • Helps you understand the costs for each mode of operation
  • Gives you a competitive edge when tendering for contracts
  • Identify and maintain optimum performance
  • Identify best time for essential maintenance such as hull cleaning, engine and propeller maintenance
  • Combines engine RPM, shaft torque and thrust for true engine power measurement
  • Engine load distribution analysis and usage profiling

Eco Speed
Eco Speed is designed to identify the most fuel-efficient speed of a vessel across all applicable operational modes, providing your crew with real-time advice on how to maintain optimal speed for maximum fuel efficiency.
Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC)
Engine efficiency (SFOC) is a crucial vessel KPI, based on shaft power and fuel consumption. By plotting this against the delivered power, enginei can calculate the performance curve of each engine and generator, allowing you to benchmark performance and profile changes over time.

Core functionality

Data spectrum

  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Configurable alarms and alerts
  • Data integrity and secure backup
  • Remote service capability
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Automatic remote software upgrades
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Consultancy and training
  • Engine running hours
  • Operational mode logging
  • Voyage reports
  • Daily status report
  • Independent satellite communications
  • CCTV

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