fuel monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Using the latest in Flow Meter Technology enginei offers a comprehensive fuel consumption and management system. Real time monitoring captures fuel flow, mass, density and temperature for all consumers.


For vessel operators with electronic engines the system can capture information by interfacing with the electronic engine output data using standard marine communication protocols offering valuable trend information.

Tank Monitoring

Tank monitoring allows complete accountability of tank inventory measurement, real time data is gathered through sensors taking into account changes in temperature and density. Tank monitoring in conjunction with fuel monitoring of all consumers gives operators a comprehensive view across the fleet, scalable to any number of tanks in operation.

Land Based Applications

Not limited to diesel fuel or marine vessels, enginei can support onshore stations with a wide range of fuel types.


All data is captured and displayed via touchscreen computers on-board and transmitted to the secure enginei server onshore for storage and analysis via the enginei web portal. The system includes local data storage; in the event communication is lost, data is transferred once communication is restored.

Additional Features include:


  • Fuel measurement of all consumers
  • Bunker measurement with printable delivery notes
  • Engine running hours
  • Vessel tracking (speed and position)
  • Operational mode logging
  • Speed optimisation
  • Voyage reports
  • Daily EFMS status report
  • Fuel security with tamper proof solutions
  • Sophisticated map interface together with environmental conditions
  • Independent satellite communications
  • Integration with existing systems including API Data calls
  • Remote diagnostics capability including software upgrades eliminating the need for costly vessel visits
  • Configurable alarms and alerts

key benefits

Fuel Monitoring

Reduce costs and provide a competitive edge when tendering for contracts

Improve efficiency

Meet IOC/Charterer contract requirements

Configurable alarms

Fleet overview including trend analysis


Fuel Monitoring and Tank Monitoring
Fuel Monitoring and Tank Monitoring