October 28, 2019

enginei EFMS Portal incorporates detailed Metocean map overlays

The leading marine electronic fuel management system (EFMS), enginei, now incorporates specialist Tidetech global datasets in the form of detailed map overlays for more accurate vessel tracking and route planning.

The new arrangement enables high resolution data on various environmental conditions to be displayed on the map dashboard of the enginei Web Portal to help shipping operators to maximise fuel management and emissions control through enhanced route planning.

Metocean map overlays showing air temperature, cloud cover, sea currents, wind speed and direction, and wind conditions are now fully integrated with enginei fuel consumption data and are available as a standard feature of the system.

The marine data integration platform provided by Tidetech is remotely connected to the enginei EFMS portal eliminating the need for any additional hardware on the vessels and gives land-based fleet management teams direct access to real-time on-board data and prevailing conditions through the dedicated user hub.

Royston’s enginei EFMS system uses Coriolis flowmeters and sensors alongside advanced algorithms to accurately monitor the fuel being consumed by each of a vessel’s engines, which is tracked against GPS data, environmental conditions and operational mode.

Onboard, the data is collected, processed and relayed to touchscreen monitors to enable the ship’s master to adjust vessel speed and take whatever other actions are needed to maximise efficiency.

This information is also transferred onshore via a dedicated data portal and user hub that provides fleet managers with the ability to view the status, fuel consumption and operational performance of their vessels.

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