June 20, 2019

SCI appointed US agent for enginei EFMS technology

Growing maritime sector use of electronic fuel management systems (EFMS) has prompted diesel power engineering specialist Royston to appoint a new US-based distributor for its advanced enginei technology.

Standard Calibrations Inc. (SCI), a specialist measurement science company with extensive marine industry involvement, will now provide sales, installation and technical service support for the enginei EFMS across the USA.

SCI, with a head office in Chesapeake, Virginia, has nearly 30 years’ experience in maritime instrumentation systems and applications, including involvement in the repair of shipboard monitoring and control systems and fuel system upgrades on all types of vessels.

In particular, SCI has extensive specialist expertise in flowmeter technology, including the installation and servicing of fuel flow meters to monitor main on-board fuel consumption.

Damian McCann, product manager for energy management systems at Royston, explains: “In recent years access to reliable fuel consumption data has taken on even greater importance to help vessel owners and operators to make more informed decisions on a wide range of fleet management and vessel performance issues.

“Importantly for us, SCI is very experienced in helping shipping operators with their instrumentation and control systems, including the installation and maintenance of fuel monitoring equipment.

“This means there is already significant technical synergy with the enginei fuel management system and the new representation arrangement should provide important new opportunities for both parties.”

Royston’s enginei EFMS system uses Coriolis flowmeters and sensors alongside advanced algorithms to accurately monitor the fuel being consumed by each of a vessel’s engines, which is tracked against GPS data, environmental conditions and operational mode.

As an integral part of the system, powerful data collection software utilises a broad range of fuel, engine performance and voyage data to be made available via for crucial fuel analysis, emissions control and performance optimisation decisions.

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