August 4, 2020

enginei Specified for Hanson Marine

Royston Diesel Power’s enginei EFMS has been selected as Hanson Marine’s fuel monitoring solution on their new aggregate dredger the Hanson Thames.

The Hanson Thames is currently under construction at Damen Shipyards in Galati, Romania and will join the existing fleet in the first quarter of 2021 where it will extract aggregates offshore up to depths of 55 metres.

Hanson has opted for a cutting-edge design which will provide increased payload and efficiency, allowing it to carry up to 7,000 tonnes of marine aggregates per trip, as well as providing improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions and maintenance savings.

enginei will be installed as part of a comprehensive suite of advanced digital technologies, designed to offer long-term operational safety and efficiency performance. Greater integration of advanced real-time information tools will be expected to contribute to reducing fuel and maintenance costs. enginei will see the new dredger’s crew and operator furnished with detailed real-time engine performance and other mission critical information.

enginei uses Coriolis flow meters and sensors to accurately monitor the fuel being consumed by each of a vessel’s engine, which is tracked against GPS data, voyage details and operational mode. The data is collected, processed, and relayed to bridge and engine room mounted touchscreen monitors to enable the ship’s master to adjust vessel speed and take actions needed to reduce fuel consumption and therefore emissions.

Installation work will be carried out by Damen ahead of system commissioning by Royston in 2021.

Damian McCann, Product Manager at Royston, said the optimisation of fuel use and the reduction of emissions are critical matters for vessel operators such as Hanson.

“Vessel operators like Hanson want to achieve measurable operational improvements and cost savings for their new vessels. During sea-trials we will commission with our Eco Speed software which will enable the ship’s crew to identify and maintain optimum vessel speeds for efficient fuel usage across different operational modes. We believe that during transit to load and discharge sites; big reductions can be made through Eco Speed.

We are delighted to be working once again with Hanson. Our success in securing specification at the new build stage demonstrates the experience and professional expertise of the Royston team and our technology’s feature-rich capabilities.”

Hanson UK is one of Europe’s largest producers of marine-dredged sand and gravel and supplies heavy building materials to the construction industry.

enginei EFMS is compatible with all marine engine types and can be interfaced with new-build engine installations or retrofitted to operating vessels. Bunker monitoring applications are also available.

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