June 12, 2019

enginei EFMS joins up with Opsealog smart data analysis platform

Royston Diesel Power has set up a new arrangement that links its enginei electronic fuel management system (EFMS) directly with the Opsealog’s maritime smart data analysis platform.

Compatibility of the two systems means that the automatically generated fuel consumption and other engine performance data provided by enginei can now be incorporated directly into the Opsealog system, to be cross checked with other data by Opsealog’s marine business analysts.

Enginei and Opsealog are already working together on over 20 vessels, mainly in West Africa, where they are helping vessel operators to effectively monitor and manage fuel consumption, with plans to expand the collaboration worldwide.

The dedicated marine data integration platform provided by Opsealog is remotely connected to the enginei EFMS eliminating the need for any additional hardware on the vessels and gives land-based fleet management teams direct access to real-time on-board data through a dedicated application.

As a result, important fuel monitoring and vessel performance data from the enginei system can now be interpreted directly by Opsealog users for enhanced fleet optimisation, emissions control and other operational improvement decisions.

Royston’s enginei EFMS system uses Coriolis flowmeters and sensors alongside advanced algorithms to accurately monitor the fuel being consumed by each of a vessel’s engines, which is tracked against GPS data, environmental conditions and operational mode.

Onboard, the data is collected, processed and relayed to touchscreen monitors to enable the ship’s master to adjust vessel speed and take whatever other actions are needed to maximise efficiency.

Transferring this information to onshore data hubs like Opsealog enables oil and gas operators to access, control and analyse the data for more effective performance optimisation and comprehensive compliance and reporting.

Opsealog provides data-driven solutions and services for the oil and gas industry. Based on the combination of industry expertise and Business Intelligence, Opsealog’s turnkey offers expands efficiency & visibility for Offshore Marine Logistics Operations.

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