March 22, 2021

enginei EFMS Incorporates CCTV Capability for Enhanced Fuel Security

Marine engineering and propulsion specialist Royston has introduced a secure CCTV monitoring option as part of its enginei electronic fuel management system (EFMS).

The addition of CCTV to the enginei system has been made in response to growing demand for enhanced fuel security measures by oil major customers and Royston has already begun the installation of the video surveillance systems on enginei-equipped crew boats and supply ships operating off the west coast of Africa.

To provide full visibility and monitoring of OSV fuel management systems, the CCTV cameras are strategically located for 24x7 coverage of engine fuel line flow meter installations, providing video footage to help in the verification of any anomalies detected in the fuel supply and consumption data generated by the enginei system.

In particular, the dedicated CCTV monitoring of the enginei system sensors provides greater transparency of engine room operations.

In this way the high resolution camera systems provide enhanced engine room surveillance and effective security, with the video material stored on-board and being made available for inspection by fleet managers via remote memory downloads or directly through a special module in the enginei online operator portal.

The high-performance CCTV installations supplied as part of the enginei system incorporate a wide viewing angle for maximum field of view coverage and video footage is provided in high definition.

The enginei EFMS uses Coriolis fuel sensors to accurately monitor the fuel being consumed by a vessel’s engines. The data is collected, processed and relayed to bridge and engine room-mounted touchscreen monitors and also to an online dashboard for remote access by land-based vessel and fleet operators.

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