October 11, 2022

Approved By Major IOCs - How enginei Benefits OSVs

enginei is approved by major International Oil Companies (IOCs). These companies often require Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) to be fitted with fuel monitoring solutions, and enginei is a cost-effective system that complies with their stringent digital requirements.

Access to accurate and reliable fuel consumption data is becoming increasingly important in order to achieve transparent cost tracking, reduced fuel usage, and fuel conservation. Take a look at how enginei provides the best in innovation by developing concrete digital solutions to benefit the marine industry.

Increased Fuel Transparency

enginei provides full transparency of fuel usage, enabling you to accurately measure how much fuel is being used and when. This data can be securely accessed by your crew, onshore staff, and IOCs.

The system monitors fuel flow and consumption for all engines and bunkering operations, vessel speed, position, operational mode, engine running hours and more, delivering a full management system using the latest state-of-the-art sensing technologies.

enginei also enables bunkering operations to be closely monitored and automatically detect both the load and discharge of fuel. Detailed reports are provided along with a complete audit trail, and any anomalies will be detected and communicated to the relevant team. These can then be passed on to the appropriate authorities if required.

These solutions increase accountability and are fully automated, using sensor-driven machine methodology to provide the most accurate data.

Advanced Technology

An IOC often mandates that OSVs must install a fuel monitoring system. However, it’s essential to choose fuel monitoring software that requires minimal upkeep to reduce the overall costs of ownership.

enginei integrates with state-of-the-art technology to provide diagnostics, monitoring, and verification without any interruption to onboard processes. It uses cutting-edge flow sensor technology that performs diagnostics and verification for the entire flowmeter, throughout the signal chain, from the sensor through to outputs. This technology makes it possible to provide uniform, consistent and integrated solutions for diagnostics, monitoring, and verification without interrupting processes or requiring access in the field. A quick, two-minute test generates a pass or fail result which can be used to extend the interval between calibrations.

Reduced Downtime

Unlike other fuel monitoring systems, we don’t need to visit your vessel. This means eliminating all the costs associated with on-site visits and lost earnings due to your vessel being out of operation.

Our advanced technology makes this possible and can lead to significant savings. Removing the need for access in the field makes it possible to offer transparent and fixed annual Opex costs, which can work out as being up to 90% more cost-effective compared to other providers.

For example, one of our clients switched to enginei and saved approximately $50,000 USD in maintenance-related costs.

As we won’t need to visit your vessel we can provide a solution with no hidden costs and a total cost of ownership that reduces every year.

How Can enginei Benefit Your Business?

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