Energy Management

With enginei, we have developed an energy management solution that helps ship owners operate their vessels as cost effectively as possible by identifying how your vessel consumes energy.

  • Reduce energy and fuel consumption
  • Visualises energy breakdown
  • Identifies energy loss
  • Identifies machinery redundancy
  • Provides a common monitoring platform
  • Trends energy use vs. operational mode
  • Offers energy efficiency management plans
Energy Mapping
enginei facilitates efficient, holistic energy mapping by categorising the energy flow into three different components: the energy source; energy conversion and storage; and energy distribution and consumers. This gives you a detailed picture of energy production and use on your vessel.
Energy Use Optimisation
enginei uses a systematic approach to assess energy flow across the entire vessel operation, in order to fully understand the links between energy consumption for different modes of operation with respect to vessel, crew and passenger activities. This analysis can then be used to design and implement practical optimisation recommendations.

Core functionality

Data spectrum

  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Configurable alarms and alerts
  • Data integrity and secure backup
  • Remote service capability
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Automatic remote software upgrades
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Consultancy and training
  • Engine running hours
  • Operational mode logging
  • Voyage reports
  • Daily status report
  • Independent satellite communications
  • CCTV

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