compliance & reporting

enginei provides a standard reports package developed in close conjunction with owners and operators to include:


Meet EU legislation and simplify data capture of voyage and fuel consumption and COemissions when travelling to, from and between EU ports (for vessels above 5,000GT). The enginei system  can streamline the process of data capture and reporting through our smart reporting software and online management tool.


Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans can be streamlined and offer value added benefits when used in conjunction with quality consumption and operational data produced by enginei.

Noon Day / Daily Reporting

Fuel monitoring in its most simplistic form offering cost effective and centralised management reports. Forward your noon day or daily reports from the vessel and we can integrate them into the enginei dashboard.

Your Data Decrypted

Bring together all aspects of your vessels and fleet in one place. Turn raw data into useful reports using our analysis tools to help build a comprehensive view of your fleet.

Consultancy & Training

Our team of data analysts and technical consultants partner with our clients to evaluate the data provided by the enginei system. Assess needs, establish best practice and help drive operational efficiencies.


key benefits

Compliance and Reporting

Automate reports to meet regulatory requirements

Identify opportunities for improvement

Simplify processes, saving time and cost

Compliance and Reporting
Compliance and Reporting