June 16, 2022

enginei Electronic Fuel Monitoring System (EFMS) supported by Integratus Sdn Bhd

Over the past twelve months the Royston team that brings you the enginei Electronic Fuel Monitoring System, have been working in close collaboration with Integratus Sdn Bhd.

The purpose of such a close collaboration was to focus on the development of a turnkey solution that ensures enginei users, have continuous access to quality in country, commercial & technical support. The need to develop such as solution in this region, came as a result of Royston’s campaign for enginei to become a Petronas approved EFMS provider.

With an established customer base of more than 350 vessels, accompanied by a thorough understanding of Petronas’ fuel monitoring requirements, the Royston team knew that enginei could successfully support and form part of the digital revolution that was already underway within the Petronas organisation.

After demonstrating the value of enginei EFMS, through a successful trial onboard a vessel type stipulated by Petronas, the approval was awarded in June 2021.

With the approval in hand and in recognition of the workforce required, both organisations have invested in the expansion of the team that will provide Malaysian clients with industry leading in-country support.

Originally an enginei focussed team of just two, Integratus’ now boast a team of six full time engineers who are fully trained in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the enginei system. In addition to the engineering team, Integratus have appointed the senior manager of their vessel operating sister company (TiME Marine) Mr Hamidon Md Khayon to lead the enginei support function.

In a statement about the collaboration and the subsequent approval from Petronas, Hamidon said:

This collaboration with an internationally well known company has lifted Integratus capability in providing more value added services to the industry. The technology offered by enginei will dramatically change the landscape in offshore marine vessel fuel management that will translate in huge cost savings due to increased efficiency and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Alexis Nyeo Royston’s Regional Director for enginei APAC, has been the spearhead for the collaboration in house and has said that:

To have a strong partnership with Integratus with presence on the East and West Malaysia including Labuan, plays a pivotal role to fulfil our commitment and ensure effective support for our clients.

He added:

They will be representing a very beneficial, competitive and capable added value solution in enginei. Through Integratus we will be looking to extend our commercial and support reach, generating new opportunities and growth for both companies.

With all the necessary training and preparation now complete, both organisations look forward to the opportunities that both the approval and the partnership will present.

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