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With over 35 years working on tugs we know exactly the requirements and unique operational profile of a tug and small vessel operator and our solution has been developed with customer input at every stage.

  • 'Real Time' fuel monitoring wheel house display
  • Operational Mode logging
  • Onshore web based management portal
  • Enhance fleet management insight
  • Prevent fuel pilferage
  • Compare ship to ship/voyage to voyage/Captain to Captain
  • Google Earth Tracking and data visualisation
  • Simplify regulatory SEEMP compliance
  • Give you a commercial edge for your customers and meet contract requirements

Low cost implementation

enginei can be used with existing flow meters and hardware, providing dramatically reduced installation costs and time. Installation time is an average four days and can be carried out in dock or in service.

Specialist support

Our rapid response support teams are available around the clock. In addition, we operate a network of highly skilled local agents, offering enginei system maintenance and repair.

We offer technical support and technical advice for all enginei installations, as well as remote system access to enable software updates.

Fleet Finance

We recognise that decisions to implement vessel and fleet fuel management is essential and yet timing and finances are critical in any decision to invest. To help, we offer tailored vessel and fleet finance options.